Tired of Hotels and Wall Tents?

Hunt the largest Elk Herd in the World (42,000+ animals) right from the front door of a secluded and comfortable cabin.

Unlike drop camps where you have to cart gear and setup a tent only to haul the drop camp back out at the end of your hunt and perhaps ride horseback for three to six hours to get in and out of the camp, you can hunt right out the door at Wild Skies’ Flat Tops cabin.

Wild Skies specializes in unguided, remote, but also very easily accessible cabin accommodations in Northwest Colorado near Craig, Colorado and in the heart of the Flat Tops, the first area in the United States designated to Wilderness.



Wild Skies’ Cabins…

Located in Game Management Unit (GMU)12 in Colorado’s Routt National Forest on the northern end of the Flat Tops Wilderness where the Routt National Forest abuts with the White River National Forest and in Craig, Colorado.  The Routt National Forest is over 1.3 million acres in central Colorado west of the Continental Divide and the White River is over 2 million acres. It is one of the largest and oldest National Forests in the Rocky Mountains. Our private cabin consists of over 70 acres surrounded on three sides by the Routt National Forest on prime National Forest Land. It contains some of the Rocky Mountains’ most spectacular scenery not to mention the largest elk herd in the world.

The Flat Tops Wilderness lies within the Routt and White River National Forest and is one of the largest primitive areas in the Rocky Mountains. It is well known as some of the very best elk and deer country anywhere. Wildlife in the area include elk, mule deer, black bear, big horn sheep, mountain , antelope, and an occasional moose. Colorado has more elk than any other U.S. state or Canadian province. The elk herd in our area is estimated at 42,000 animals. And while its best known for elk, it produces quality mule deer bucks and bears as well.